AKUO (France) and HELB (Croatia)

In the spirit of the World Football Championship final, a good example of a common value creation between France and Croatia is the HELB partnership with the French company AKUO Energy. The cooperation included works on the wind farms Ogorje in Croatia and Krnovo in Montenegro, as well as the construction of a cogeneration biomass plant in Grubišno Polje.

HELB's preliminary research in Ogorje was an important information source to AKUO Energy which helped them to perform works on that wind farm with confidence. Ogorje is located 25 km northeast of Split in Croatia, with interesting fact that project includes more than 500 people of 8 different nationalities.

The Krnovo project is the first wind farm in Montenegro and one of largest projects of its kind in Central Europe. This is an example of the contribution to the regional economy and the application of the best practices of the World Bank's social and ecological standards.

The Cogeneration Power Plant in Grubišno Polje is the most modern biomass power plant and currently the largest investment of this kind in Croatia. It is an project of exceptional ecological quality which enables further regional development and job creation.

Another interesting point in the context of cooperation between the two countries is the "French-Croatian Business Club", within which 50 French companies in Croatia employ about 8,000 workers.