HELB is working on the wind power plant Walney extension

Project “Walney extension” in England with total installed capacity of 660 MW

HELB engineers are working on the project involving testing of substations for the wind power plant “Walney extension” with capacity of 660 MW, sufficient for the annual supply to more than 460,000 households. The final beneficiary is a corporation Dong Energy, world leader in the development and construction of offshore wind energy power plants. Danish Government is majority shareholder in Dong Energy, whilst HELB is performing work in collaboration with a partner Prointegris Ltd. When wind power plant is put into operation, it is expected for it to have the largest installed capacity in the world.

The total number of 90 turbines with installed power of 7MW and 8 MW. 7MW turbines are manufactured by Siemens and are 190 meters high, and 8 MW turbines are manufactured by Vestas and are 222m high! Final testing of offshore platforms is performed in the shipyard in Belgium before platforms will be towed to England. The project meets the most stringent environmental standards, and the implementation of the project respects the highest standards of safety at work on the principle of "The Safe Way or No Way"!
HELB’s involvement on Dong projects started last year in the United Kingdom and Belgium where HELB proved itself with quality and professional approach. At that time, HELB engineers performed functional testing on onshore 400/220/15.5 kV substations Burbo Bank and Race Bank in the United Kingdom and offshore platforms in the shipyard in Belgium. "By examining the different parts of the plant, we carried out the integration of all the systems into one functional unit. Despite the vastly different procedures from those that we perform in the region, after seven months we have finished the work on time and to the customer’s satisfaction, which has opened up space for these new orders", said Ivan Knez, one of HELB's engineers working on the project.
More information about the project Walney extension can be found at the link, and project Burbo Bank Extension at the link.