Advanced data centres for the modern era

Project name: STC Saudi Arabia

Investor: Vertiv Croatia

The main contractor: HELB Ltd

The year of completion: 2018.

Location: Zabok, Mokrice

As part of a partnership with Vertiv, HELB has confirmed its expertise in the global data centre market. Vertiv is global data centre integrator employing 20,000 people. Vertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure enabling vital applications for data centres, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities.

Complex works on the container

HELB’s task for Vertiv included electrical installation works within the data centre containers for buyer in Saudi Arabia. Namely, HELB’s two successful such projects have been followed by the third one which included works inside 16 EdgeConneX containers. The receipt of customer documentation was followed by manufacture of a prototype container and then all the others were made accordingly. HELB’s scope of work included the installation of electrical equipment in the container, cable connection, cable tray assembly, cable laying, cabinet construction and assembly of pre-fabricated cabinets.

Success challenged by short deadlines

The container assembly and finishing of the installations had to be performed as quickly as possible. However, all obstacles were successfully dealt with in a very short time, and highly demanding jobs were executed without errors and according to the customer’s request. Employees have developed a specific way of communicating with external designer through the special BIM 360 software – work was accelerated by data storage on the server and fast document visibility for all involved subcontractors. The project lasted for five months, with 15 staff on site and engineers who checked the functionality afterwards.

In this case, electromechanical works were specific because they were performed in the closed container space. HELB is one of the first companies on our market able to perform complete works in containers for data centres.

Marko Škara, Director, Solutions Plant, Global Solutions, Vertiv CO.

“Extremely thorough, expert and accurate approach to providing complete electromechanical services within the data center container.
With individual approach and flexibility, the team has been fully adapted to the specifics of our project, where the speed of the completion of works is particularly emphasized.

High demands for the quality of our company’s business have been fully met by the quality of the service.”

August 26, 2019

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