Commercialization of innovative control and distribution power devices

As part of the call for submission of project proposals “COMMERCIALIZATION INNOVATION” HELB d.o.o. implements the project “Commercialization of innovative control and distribution power devices” for which grants have been approved for projects financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period from 2021-2026, marks NPOO.C1.1.2.R2-I5.01.

HELB has 3 groups of innovative control-distribution devices, of which prototype development has been completed for EOR and EnMS, and development for DINGO is being carried out through IRI. The subject of the project is the commercialization of the completed two groups of products, which should be adapted to the requirements of the target markets, production and technical documentation should be created, integration with the central monitoring center, intellectual property protection, acquisition of production equipment to achieve standards, and adaptation of SW and IT-equipment for improvement process. The implementation will make it possible to adapt the product to the need for market placement, increase the competitiveness of HELB on the domestic and especially foreign markets, and increase the innovative capacity. It is addressed to the management and employees of the company.


Project name: Commercialization of innovative control and distribution power devices

Username: HELB d.o.o.

Total project amount: HRK 7.879.717,48

Eligible project costs: HRK 4.313.054,15

Total amount of support granted: HRK 2.452.477,08

Project duration: 24 months

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Contact person: Juraj Badalić, phone: +385 1 2781447,