Increasing the security and reliability of the transmission network

Project with HOPS in the transmission area of Rijeka

Another large project with the Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd (HOPS) is in its final phase, and the project started in 2019 in the transmission area of Rijeka. HELB is the main contractor for the replacement of CBE 110 kV type disconnectors in plants at the transmission area of Rijeka.

The work is being done at several locations: SS 110/35 kV LIČKI OSIK, EVP110/25 kV MORAVICE, SS 110/35 kV DELNICE, SS 110/20 kV CRIKVENICA, SS 110/35 kV KRASICA, SS 110/20 kV MATULJI, SS 110/10 kV BUTONIGA, SS 110/20 kV PAZIN and SS 110/20 kV POREČ. HELB’s scope of work is determining the existing condition, detailed electrical design, detailed construction project – steel structures of the apparatus, dismantling of the existing 110kV disconnector, installation of a new 110kV disconnector, assembly of electric motor drives, and functional testing of disconnectors, and high voltage plant level is 110KV.

The project is done in two phases, over a longer period. The first was the production phase, which involved the construction of a steel structure to accommodate new disconnectors and electric motor drives, while the second phase took place on the construction site. It involves HELB electric fitters, managers, and test engineers who perform disassembly and preparatory work, as well as installation, wiring, functional testing, and commissioning.

June 9, 2021

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We were lucky to catch this busy guy for half an hour to tell us his story. Blaž Dobrotić is an electrical fitter, who came to HELB as a schoolboy, and his love for work and a great relationship with colleagues have kept him here for ten years. Colleagues describe him as a capable, self-confident guy who is very meticulous in his work, and outside of it he is fun, comical, and not at all boring. They are very happy when they have the opportunity to work with him.


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Awarded employees with the best knowledge in Health and Safety at work

On the occasion of World Day for Health and Safety at Work, HELB held a competition among its employees, which lasted from March 20th till April 20th. The main goal of this competition was to raise safety at work to a higher level and improve business results. We marked this special day by rewarding employees who, through their work and behavior, promote work safety, prevent accidents, and thus become a role model for everyone else.