Year: 2019. Client: Several companies Location: Montenegro

Project name: Maintenance of wind farms Project description:

Maintenance of several wind farms throughout Croatia and the region

HELB has extensive experience in projects related to wind energy. In addition to participating in the construction of the Vrataruša wind farm, the first in the country to be connected to the high-voltage grid, testing substations at the world’s largest wind farm Walney Extension and commissioning, today it maintains many wind farms throughout Croatia and the region.

After the successful commissioning of WP Krnovo in 2017 in Montenegro, HELB renews the contract on management and maintenance of the substation at the wind farm every year, besides that, for the French Akuo, it also manages WP Ogorje near Split, which is a confirmation of successful long-term cooperation in Croatia and abroad. HELB adds WP Korlat, 58 MW, which is currently the largest wind farm in Croatia, WP Možura in Montenegro, 46 ​​MW, and WP Lukovac, 48 MW, which includes 16 wind turbines to its references and projects related to wind energy.