HELB's vision is in line with social trends

HELB’s representatives have recently participated in "The Day of Great Plans" conference organized by Lider, which included talks about business and industrial trends as well as forecasts for the year ahead. Here are some interesting data and projections from the presentation that have attracted our attention.
The conference emphasized digitization as one of the main factors for growth and development of the company as well as for contribution to the overall community. It has been confirmed that HELB's vision by 2025 in the direction of digitization is in line with expectations and trends in the world. HELB, with internal activities in the area of organizational changes goes in the direction of the trend that digitization is certainly not the first challenge for production but primarily for management.
The panelists also emphasized that society needs to be prepared for the technology development and needs to offer solutions in the field of education. This is primarily about investing in skills that robots can’t develop such as creativity, art, social skills and collaboration between companies and faculties or institutes. HELB follows trends in society in this segment too. Initial activities around establishing of the HELB’s Academy have already begun and there is a structured plan for this activity. This area is part of HELB's strategic goal to continuously train our staff, and also to educate employees of other firms and strengthen co-operation with schools. Here are materials from the conference.