The malfunction can occur almost everywhere in your system. In addition to creating precarious work conditions, outages may be a threat to your business process. Therefore, by properly managing and maintaining an energy system or infrastructure, you can significantly increase the reliability of your system by preventing failures and excessive costs of emergency repairs.

Interventional maintenance 24/7

Continuous availability of our field teams to customers enables quick response in case of technical problems or system malfunction. Thanks to our people’s expertise and good availability of spare parts, we can intervene urgently, remove the malfunction and re-start the plant. For fast and continuous support regarding the maintenance of your plant you can use our hotline 24/7.

Preventive Maintenance 365

With many years of experience in the construction of the most complex electric power plants, we can offer our customers comprehensive preventive maintenance throughout the life of the plant. Maintenance may include periodic examinations and diagnostic tests. More in the brochure.

Remote monitoring and management of the object

By implementing SCADA systems or cloud monitoring solutions, we provide customers with remote monitoring and management of the object, minimizing operating costs – OPEX.

Advanced management and maintenance solutions

Augmented Reality Technology (AR) solutions enable audio-visual connectivity of HELB’s experienced technician-engineer in the office and customer service staff at the facility. By applying AR, we allow efficient knowledge transfer of our specialists at the request of the user.