Regardless of whether it is low voltage electricity distribution or the monitoring and control system for transformer stations in the transmission network, we produce custom tailored solutions.

Control and protection cabinets

Through 30 years of work in electrical power industry we have gained systemic knowledge necessary for the creation of advanced control solutions whether used in automation of industrial processes or in transformer station protection systems.

Low power energy distribution

As a licensed partner of worldwide manufacturers of low voltage distribution cabinets, fixed and retractable, we offer a complete technical solution to the user – design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. If needed, we are equipped with a system for monitoring and control.

Portable power and control cabinets

If there is a need for mobile power supply for industrial consumers, e.g. when renovating or supplying a building site while maintaining reliability under hard conditions, we produce robust power and control cabinets.

Energy distribution cabinets

We design, manufacture and install complete container energy distribution systems for specific user needs: mobile datacenters, prefabricated plants, mobile drilling rigs for the petroleum industry and many others.

Specialized production

Considering the specifics of plants and various industrial processes, our experienced team of designers, engineers and technicians are available to handle the most diverse specialized products.