In Germany at the deepest hydrotermic project

Geothermal source at the depth of 5,100 m!

After very successful projects of the construction, testing and commissioning of the largest geothermal power plant in Europe, as well as the electrical testing and synchronization of generators at the geothermal power plant in New Mexico, HELB’s experts have started another successful co-operation with Turboden.

Project in question is an investment of Geothermie Holzkirchen GmbH, for the construction of a geothermal power plant in a town south of Munich, which feeds the local grid of renewable electric energy and provides clean thermal energy for households connected to the district heating network.

HELB’s part of the project includes commissioning of the entire geothermal power plant 3.4 MW, a total of about 1,500 signals, and testing the function of not only the vent and control but also the function of the safety of PLCs which at any moment of anomaly should stop the energy. Then other tests, such as examining all signals according to the SCADA system, commissioning UPSs, compressors, and turbine generator cooling lubrication systems. Over the past month, 3 of HELB’s engineers have independently conducted cold commissioning within the deadline, while hot tests are planned for the next period.

Holzkirchen is currently the southernmost and deepest hydrothermal geothermal project in Germany.. The two wells drilled in 2016 and 2017 reached final depths of approx. 5,100 m (vertical) with a drilling distance of up to 6,084 m. The geothermal plant in Holzkirchen is to be operated with a temperature of approx. 155°C and a production rate of approx. 55 l/s.

June 14, 2019

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