Energy news: Big contracts, record investments and green ministries

HELB brings you a monthly selection of news and interesting facts from the world of energy. Here’s what happened in February!

Record European investments in offshore wind farms

Europe has invested as much as 26 billion euros in offshore wind farms in 2020, according to the latest data.
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Dalekovod signed the contracts worth millions

Dalekovod has signed project contracts with two Swedish investors, Elevio AB and Svenska Kraftnät. The value of the contracts is more than HRK 110 million.
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EEX and CROPEX initiate the development of Croatian power derivatives market

Energy exchanges EEX and CROPEX have signed an agreement to jointly develop a power derivatives market for Croatia.
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General Electric visiting Croatia

At the meeting with the Croatian President, representatives of General Electric expressed interest in investing in the Republic of Croatia.
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Pilot project of electrification of households out of reach of the electricity grid

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund will install photovoltaic systems on seven houses in Požega-Slavonia and Sisak-Moslavina counties.
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Italy launches super-ministry for green transition

The new ministry should manage the transition of the Italian economy to green energy, relying on funding from European funds.
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INA published its 2020 financial report

Ina ended last year with a loss of HRK 638 million. The main reason for the profitability decline is the coronavirus pandemic.
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March 2, 2021

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