Excellence in focus: Chosen Best Colleagues 2023.

HELB awarded Best Colleagues 2023.

Now traditionally, February was marked by HELB’s selection for Best Colleague.

The goal of this election is to recognize and reward colleagues who, with their work, values, expertise and attitude towards work, are an example to others, and at the same time, it is a great way to spread good and positive narratives within the company.

The task was clear: think about the colleagues around you – those who show extraordinary cooperation every day, those who always give their best and those who are a real treasure of knowledge.

Other than that, the rules were the same as in previous years.

All HELB employees were able to nominate and be nominated within three categories: “Always for Cooperation” – someone who shows understanding, respect, helps when needed, and communicates in good faith and with confidence. “Give more of themselves” – someone who is exceptionally engaged in the team, who is responsible, and gives more than what is expected in a regular job. “One who knows knowledge” – someone who shows above-average knowledge related to the work he/she does, his/her work is of high quality and they are happy to share the knowledge.

Almost two-thirds of employees participated in the election through an online survey, and the winners of the above-mentioned categories with the highest number of votes are:

  • “Always for Cooperation” – Mario Pranjić
  • “Give more of themselves” – Damir Mažar
  • “One who knows knowledge” – Ivan Zrinščak
March 1, 2024

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