Green energy project in Greece

In the vicinity of Vollos, one of the most important Greek ports, HELB completed its engagement on the project Volos Biomass Power Plant. It’s a 5MW biomass power plant operating in ORC technology and media used for is isobutane. This is another project in a series of successful partnerships with the Italian company Turboden after the references in Croatia, Germany and New Mexico.

The first part of HELB’s engagement in Greece in December 2018 included testing of instrumentation and functional testing. In the first phase of the work, HELB engineers performed the tests of engine instrumentation, engine insulation resistance test and testing and commissioning of engine coolers. In March of the current year, the second phase of HELB’s engagement followed and it included a generator protection test, commissioning of the generator excitation system and synchronization of the generator.

Around 60 employees were involved in the project, and HELB’s two experts involved with the project stated that despite the different nationalities and approach to work they successfully finished the project and connected the plant to the grid.

May 7, 2019

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