How do Closed Electricity Distribution Systems raise business competitiveness?

Workshops on new energy service

To bring the concept and benefits of Closed Distribution Systems (CDS) closer to customers, HELB, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, held online workshops “How do Closed Electricity Distribution Systems raise company competitiveness?”. The relevance of this topic is shown by the great interest of over 100 participants through 4 workshops with very specific and current questions.

HELB was among the first in Croatia to recognize the importance of the Operator of Closed Distribution Systems (OCDS) and offers solutions for the establishment and management of CDS to all future owners and users. The goal of the workshops was to bring the participants closer to how the new Electricity Market Act solves the problems of the current system, to clarify concepts such as CDS, OCDS, roles of regulators and inspectorates, to give typical examples from practice, and most importantly, to clarify benefits for owners and users. The workshops were intended for all business system owners who are obliged to establish a CDS model, as well as for users of future closed distribution systems.

The new Act introduces the obligation that any system that distributes electricity within a geographically restricted business zone and has more than one user, must establish a Closed Distribution System. To formally and functionally establish CDS, the owner of such a business system is obliged to select a CDS operator who is technically, professionally, and financially qualified and licensed by HERA. For legal entities and their responsible persons, significant fines have been introduced if they do not establish the CDS by the deadline of 31st December 2024.

More detailed information on the operator of CDS in the presentation.

March 2, 2022

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