Year: 2020. Client: IVICOM CONSULTING LTD. Location: Croatia

Project name: INA Oil Refinery Rijeka Project description:

Reconstruction, construction of a substation, testing, and participation in commissioning

Major project at the Rijeka Oil Refinery, which lasted 2 years, has been completed according to the highest HSE (health and safety) standards. A minimum of five HELB experts participated in the project in each phase, while more than 40 employees were engaged during the intensive phases on the construction site. Despite the challenges of coordinating electrical work with other professions involved in the project, the project was completed successfully. HELB’s work included the reconstruction of substations 312 and 306, parameterization of protection relays, installation of power transformers, construction of a new substation 391, construction of a new SS 207, construction of electrical installations of process spaces, testing, and participation in commissioning. The new substation SS 207 is the largest power facility within the construction of the Propane Propylene splitter plant.