Year: 2017. Client: Krnovo Green Energy Ltd Location: Montenegro

Project name: SS Brezna and SS Krnovo Project description:

Commissioning and maintenance of transformer substation

After the completion of the 72 MW wind farm Krnovo and its associated substations SS Krnovo and SS Brezna in Montenegro, HELB was hired by Krnovo Green Energy d.o.o. to perform a detailed examination of the works performed and the documentation provided during the preparation of the facility for the technical inspection. During this time, HELB’s experts have successfully participated in the commissioning of SS Krnovo and SS Brezna. After successful connection of the SS Krnovo to the distribution network, HELB took over the management and supervision of the power engineering segment of the Wind Farm. It is about the management and supervision of 33/110 kV transformer station Krnovo, (220) 110/35 / 10kV Brezna transformer station, engineering consulting, full-day (0-24h) standby as well as coordination services on facilities. At SS Brezna, HELB, with the subcontractors, provides a permanent crew.