Year: 2022. Client: KUNOVAC LTD. Location: Benkovac, Croatia

Project name: Zadar 2P and Zadar 3P wind farms Project description:

Electrical work, testing and commissioning at the ZD2P and ZD3P wind farms

During the summer of 2022, HELB started laying and connecting power and communication cables at the ZD2P and ZD3P wind farms in Bruška, near Benkovac. HELB was in charge of laying the medium voltage cable of the wind power plants WF ZD2P and WF ZD3P, from the SS Bruška to the MV switchgear in the wind turbine, including cable terminations and surge arresters at the cable terminations. HELB also worked on the telecommunications connection of the wind turbines in WF ZD2P and WF ZD3P, with SS Bruška. Testing and commissioning will follow after the assembly and connection of the wind generator are finished.