Sivacon S8: HELB became a licensed partner of Siemens

Although many years of experience and tradition speak for themselves, HELB has once again confirmed its continuous commitment to improvement.

HELB, as a licensed partner of global manufacturers of low-voltage switchgear cabinets, fixed and withdrawable versions, offers users a complete technical solution – from design, production, installation to commissioning. In order to meet market demands, but also to follow trends in the power industry, HELB became one of Siemens’ partners licensed for the production of Sivacon S8 switchgear.

Sivacon S8 is a widely used electrical distribution system used for the distribution of electrical energy in industrial plants and commercial facilities. It is a Siemens product designed to enable efficient and reliable distribution of electricity. This modular and flexible system allows users to adapt their electrical distribution systems to their own needs and requirements. In addition, it is characterized by high reliability, as well as automation, smart solutions, and security. The Sivacon S8 system is also focused on energy efficiency, and precise measurements and monitoring of electricity consumption help users manage consumption. It can be integrated with energy management and automation systems to enable complete control of electrical systems. Thanks to all of these features, it is no surprise that Sivacon S8 is an increasingly popular choice for various industrial plants and commercial facilities looking for reliable and efficient electrical distribution.

With this licensing, HELB will position itself even more strongly in the production of high-quality low-voltage switchgear cabinets, especially for the foreign market.

March 13, 2024

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