The family environment is what has kept me at HELB for 13 years

Maja Mikec joined HELB 13 years ago and currently works as a Human Resources Officer. She built her place quietly, diligently, patiently, and collegially, always ready to jump in when needed. Above all, Maja is a warm, hardworking, cheerful, and simple person full of empathy and that is why her colleagues have only words of praise for her.

She is a great team player and will stop her work to help you, doing that with a smile on her face. She does her job meticulously, discreetly, responsibly, and conscientiously, and you will never hear a raised tone from her or notice that something is not to her liking. All these years, Maja has stood with HELB team quietly and devotedly, and for that, they are immensely grateful.

What does your job at HELB include and what does your average day look like?

My job includes active communication with all employees, collection of all data and documents, registration and deregistration of employees, archiving of documents, records of working hours, preparation of documents for abroad, sending of documents, sick leave, medical examinations, health, pension, organization of education and team building. The focus is on employees and the functioning of the company. In short, in the department, we make sure that all employees are satisfied with their jobs 😊.

My day usually starts with coffee with my colleagues, where we go through new topics, and sometimes the best ideas and plans are born that way. Then I make a plan for the day according to priorities, depending on what is current and whether there is something urgent. For example, whether a new employee has come to work, whether some insurances are expired, and so on. I plan my week in a similar way, but with a willingness to deal with what is urgent that day.

How long have you been at HELB and did you work in human resources right away?

I came to HELB in 2008. I can’t believe how quickly time passed 😊. When I started working, there were maybe 60 employees in HELB, seven of them were women, and today those numbers are doubled. Although the circle of people I work with the most has not changed significantly.

First, I worked as an administrator of the company, where I worked on filing, bills, mail, calls, purchasing office supplies, various records, welcoming guests, taking care of everything. And in 2019, I started working as human resources officer, where I still work today.

What are your favorite things about HELB and where do you see room for improvement?

What has kept me at HELB for 13 years is certainly the friendly and family environment. Everyone is ready to help when needed. No one has ever refused to help me, give me advice and I think there are great interpersonal relationships. It means a lot to me, it’s what motivates me and keeps me here for years. In addition, we have trainings, workshops that we can participate in and that help us in our daily work. I always try to use the opportunity to expand my knowledge, so I went to various trainings on programs in administration, business, and foreign language courses. I love my job, this organization, and I am always free to present ideas and suggestions for improving business.

Where I see room for improvement is in the communication and the flow of information within the company. Then we would be much faster and more successful. Eg. if I got information about the employee’s trip in time, I could prepare all the documentation needed, insurance and would never have to do things urgently and at the last minute. Communication could certainly be improved, and the rest is really ok. I have no complaints or bad experiences with anyone. I love this job, the salaries are on time, the team is great, the food and coffee are great, and it is  close to home as well. What more could I want 😊?

What do you do in your free time?

All my free time is reserved for children and we spend it cycling, going for walks and on family gatherings. Our neighborhood is great because it has a  lot of content for children.

March 22, 2022

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