The first licensed CDSO in Croatia

Closed Distribution System Operator – a new service at HELB

The Electricity Market Act introduced a new energy activity – the Closed Distribution System Operator (CDSO), which will establish transparent relations between the participants in the exchange of electric energy. By obtaining a license, HELB became the first licensed CDSO in the Republic of Croatia and offers complete services for obtaining the status of CDS, construction and arrangement of electricity distribution network, connection and establishment of metering points, system management, electricity supply, reading and billing electricity consumption.

We bring some basic terms and information about what CDS is, who its participants are, what are the advantages, and what it enables. A Closed Distribution System (CDS) is any business system that distributes electricity within a geographically limited industrial or commercial location or where there is more than one user who is supplied with electricity through a common metering point. The most common examples of such systems are production – industrial complexes, transport and logistics complexes, freight terminals, shopping malls, tourist facilities etc. In existing business systems that have the characteristics of closed distribution systems, electricity use is often characterized by insufficient transparency, and there is no possibility to control the cost of electricity. On the other hand, the owners of business facilities and systems perform the service of electricity supply to customers with their own resources or through contracting companies. Thus, with the establishment of CDS, the owners realize significant benefits such as revenue from the concession of CDS, delegation of responsibility for the functioning of CDS, security and reliability of electricity supply, and focus on core business. On the other hand, it enables customers to transparently use the electricity supply service, achieve savings in consumption, legally connect to the electricity distribution network, as well as security and reliability in the use of electricity. Concerning the current situation, in addition to the Owner and User, the Operator is introduced as a licensed electricity distribution service provider, and the Regulator (HERA) and the Supervisor (State Inspectorate) for supervision and control of the technical system and relations between individual participants. Settlement metering points (SMP) are also being established, where transparent electricity exchange takes place.

June 7, 2022

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In 2022, HELB successfully completed some large projects, simultaneously signed contracts for new ones, opened new jobs, participated in expos and conferences, prepared EU projects, held lectures, organized team building and the Best Colleague contest, and celebrated Health and safety at work day, and the Day of Good Deeds.

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Sponsor of the 15th Symposium on EES management

In Cavtat, from the 6th to the 9th of November, the Croatian branch of the International Council for Large Power Systems – HRO CIGRÉ held the 15th Symposium on Power System Management. More

Great interest in establishing CDSO

Transparency and cost reduction are the main goals of CDS owners

After HELB became the first licensed CDSO in the Republic of Croatia in May, an information campaign was launched during the summer to inform the business community about the new service that is applied in specific business systems, according to the new Electricity Market Act. Feedback from the field shows that the interest is quite high, mostly due to the current, enormous increase in energy costs.