The new Law introduces innovative energy activities

HELB becomes CDSO – Closed Distribution System operator in the Republic of Croatia

Radical changes are currently taking place in the energy system with the aim of its decarbonization, which brings new opportunities and challenges to all participants in the electricity market.

The European Union has enacted several legislative acts aimed at preparing the electricity market for the challenges posed by the transition to clean energy, and end-users must be provided with better information and control over their electricity bills. The development of the energy system and the market causes a shift from production in large centralized generation plants to decentralized production of electricity from renewable sources and to decarbonized markets, which requires adjustment of existing electricity trading rules and change of existing market roles.

Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, The Parliament of the Republic of Croatia passed a new Electricity Market Act, which has been in force since 22 October 2021, according to which, among other things, new energy activities and services have been introduced relating to:

  • An aggregator of a system that performs the activity of aggregation, which combines loads of a large number of customers or the production of electricity for its exchange on the market,
  • Active customers and the energy community of citizens to enable all end customers to directly participate in the production, consumption, or distribution of electricity,
  • Electromobility implies transport that is partially or completely powered by electricity as well as the associated charging infrastructure.
  • Advanced metering systems that provide the end customers with real-time feedback on energy consumption or production, and reduction of energy consumption,
  • Closed Distribution System operator that performs the activity of electricity distribution in a closed distribution system,
  • Energy storage involves storing or delaying the final use of energy. Like battery tanks, reversible power plants, electric boilers, heat pumps, and so on.

Following the development of the energy sector and based on 30 years of experience in the field of energy engineering, HELB has developed a business model and is among the first business entities in the Republic of Croatia to offer a new energy service as CDSO – Closed Distribution System operator.

October 26, 2021

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