The sun is the foundation of the future of energy in Croatia

HELB at the Days of the Sun conference

On the sunniest Croatian island, Hvar, a conference “Days of the Sun” was held, dedicated to the use of solar energy and it was organized by the Renewable Energy Sources Croatia and the Island Movement. The conference brought together key stakeholders of the energy transition in Croatia and in a joint discussion tried to find the possibility of efficient use of solar energy and stronger project development.

HELB has been active in the renewable energy segment for almost 15 years. Energy infrastructure for wind, sun, biomass and hydro energy is HELB’s everyday life, and this is confirmed by this year’s Days of the Sun. Representatives from the EU, representatives of the scientific community and the ministry stressed out that the trend of increasing the share of solar energy in the energy mix is ​​inevitable and strong. Croatia has the benefit of its geographical position that enables it to have quality projects. The legislative framework is changing to regulate the market, and to regulate procedures to facilitate project implementation. Participants were proactive individuals and companies who, in collaboration, make significant growth potential in this sector of the economy.

Solar energy, which has long been neglected in the Croatian market, is finally on the rise. There is room on the roofs alone for 4 GW of solar that could meet 30% of current electricity needs. This coincides with the European Green Agenda for Sustainable Growth, which includes the transition to a society with a modern, sustainable and competitive zero-carbon economy by 2050. To make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent, solar energy is an indispensable source for achieving that goal.

October 6, 2021

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