What awaits electrical engineering students after school?

Professor from the School of Electrical Engineering does an internship at HELB

HELB joined the praiseworthy “Teachers in companies – practice for teachers” organized by the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education, Advantage Austria, HOK, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, German – Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Swiss Embassy in Croatia, Switzerland – Croatia economic association, and the Knowledge in Action Foundation. The main goal of the initiative is for vocational schoolteachers to get to know the “real” life in companies through internships, what awaits their students after graduation, and what competencies are required in a particular job, company or sector.

For three days, HELB hosted professor Damir Čolig, an electrical engineer and professor from the Zagreb School of Electrical Engineering, who works as a teacher of practical classes and laboratory exercises and leads the Cabinet of Renewable Energy Sources. Both partners are aware of the importance of cooperation between the economy and the education sector, and Professor Čolig points out that the main goal of the project has been achieved and that HELB employees were very friendly to him during the three-day internship.

The mentor explained to me the schedule, showed me the whole company and expanded my knowledge related to the Health and Safety at work segment. In the design office of the company, I created a mini project task using the AutoCAD and EPLAN tools. The second day I spent practicing the assembly of elements during the manufacture of electrical cabinets. While on the third day, I was in the testing station doing the final tests and maintaining of final documentation and certificates. These three days were indescribably dynamic and full of beautiful experiences. I suggest to all those who have not decided to take this step to do so as soon as possible. Internships in companies are equally good and useful for both teachers and students – said professor Čolig.

The first cycle of this initiative was held in April 2021 and showed great success with over 60 teachers who did internships in 24 companies and got valuable experience in improving knowledge. In addition to contributing to the improvement of vocational education in Croatia, participation in this project has provided HELB with additional benefits, such as cooperation with teachers and assistance in the education of future employees. For over 20 years, HELB has been accepting student electricians and fitters for internships, as well as the other students, and this year it decided to join an initiative that promotes internships for teachers. The best of these students today still work at HELB as fitters, testing engineers or project managers.

April 26, 2022

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