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The foundation of our company leans on the production of custom tailored cabinets and energy distribution systems. An experienced team of design engineers, technicians and commissioning engineers is at your disposal to solve all your technical requirements, taking into account specific characteristics of particular plants and different industrial processes. For all our products and performed...

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helb offers a complete service. We design, construct and manage energy infrastructures. Having performed works on numerous switchgears/switchyards for the production, transmission and distribution of electric power helb has greatly contributed not only in the Croatian electric power system, but also to the electric power systems in the entire Europe and the Middle East. Our scope of...

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When developing our products, we are focused on a solution whose application reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of the drilling process and as a result we have developed certain products whose lifespan is twice as long as that of the standard products currently available on the market. helb has more than 20-year-long experience in developing products and solutions for the oil industry...

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A failure can occur almost anywhere in your system. With proper management and maintenance of any electrical systems or infrastructure, we can make a dramatic difference in your system reliability by preventing unexpected failures and the subsequent excessive cost of emergency repair. helb guarantees the safety and continuous operations of your business. Apart from...

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For the turn–key solution of your power plant or substation we are ready to offer you a complete site testing and commissioning service. Our experienced engineering crew guides you through quality control at all stages of production or electrical works. Our q&c department performs site testing and commissioning according to international standards (certificates). Our vast scope of work varies from Basic...

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Weather it is about the design of your plant or substation, weather you need automation of your processes, new scada systems, industrial control systems or execution of a complete Turn–Key substation project, we have the answer. That is helb engineering. helb engineering is all about improving your business processes and energy distribution systems through the service of complete project...

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy policy and are high priorities in the sustainable energy hierarchy. In order to ensure a future proof sustainability of the society we have developed two major segments of energy solutions: energy audits & smart grids. — Energy audits – we set the base for energy and cost optimization of your facility. With a total...

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