Excellent engineering as a link between different disciplines

Project name: GTE Ciglena

Investor: MB Holding

Client: Siemens (Geoen)

HELB – complete electrical engineering works (for Siemens)

Siemens – goods delivery and project management

Đuro Đaković – mechanical and construction part

The year of completion: 2018.

Location: Velika Ciglena, near Bjelovar, Croatia

Velika 1, close to Bjelovar, is the largest European ORC geothermal power plant with total installed capacity of 16.5 MW. It uses the hottest geothermal source in the region (175°C) and the depth of injection/rejection wells range from 2,800 m to 4,700 m.

Technical complexity and challenges

The HELB’s excellent engineers have independently performed the entire reengineering of the work and re-design the technical documentation by including in the project. HELB thus has been highlighted as a complete contractor of electrical engineering works and has accelerated the whole project by its independent performance. The electrification works has ranged from MV plant installation, SCADA instrumentation, functional and specialist tests, primary generator testing and protection testing to commissioning. With these activities, HELB employees were a link between the various segments: energy, instrumental and mechanical.

Mechanical, construction and electrical engineering works have been performed simultaneously at this facility, which has increased the technical complexity of the project. Coordination of a large number of requests has created the challenge of forming a multidisciplinary team: from the project manager and project designers who have further developed the as-built documentation to a team that made the LV cabinets in the HELB production facility and the head of electromechanical works at the construction site.

Quality as the main reason for getting new projects

HELB is one of the few companies that could take over such a range of activities independently, considering the strict time frame. The engagement with the project has lasted about a year, and mechanical and construction works took a bit longer. Quality work at this plant has earned a lot of trust from the Italian company Turboden, from which new projects have emerged in the United States, Greece and Germany, among others.

Dragutin Domitrović, City. Petrol. Eng., Director, MB Geothermal

“HELB has been actively involved in building the largest ORC geothermal power plant in Europe since the very beginning of the project. Co-operation between GEOEN and HELB was truly appropriate at all levels: from technicians and foremen to commissioning engineers and management. I emphasize excellent communication, good relationship with us as a buyer, and we are also happy with the overall performance. HELB’s employees did not only do what was contracted but they collaborated with everybody involved in the interest of quick and efficient project completion, offering useful and practical project solutions while respecting deadlines and encouraging other participants to a similarly dynamic and proactive approach.

As a representative of the investor in this project, I am pleased to confirm that colleagues from HELB have indeed performed a company mission with their work by which they are a quality “engineering team based on experience, excellence and partnership that provides solutions beyond expectations”.

August 26, 2019

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