On the occasion of the big anniversary, we bring you a letter from our director Vladimir Horvat.


Engineering services for power engineering infrastructure

HELB provides the entire spectrum of engineering services.


At a geothermal power plant in New Mexico

HELB got the opportunity for a new challenge across the Atlantic.


Testing on a giant wind farm

Walney Extension is the largest wind power plant in the world.


Engineering services

HELB provides the entire spectrum of engineering services necessary for the construction of electricity infrastructure. Our top experts in the domain of designing, automation, testing and commissioning are addressing the most technologically-complex demands of customers, and we create solutions in our offer by our own resources and in-house.



Regardless of whether it is low voltage electricity distribution or the monitoring and control system for transformer stations in the transmission network, we produce custom tailored solutions.


Control and maintenance

The malfunction can occur almost everywhere in your system. In addition to creating precarious work conditions, outages may be a threat to your business process. Therefore, by properly managing and maintaining an energy system or infrastructure, you can significantly increase the reliability of your system by preventing failures and excessive costs of emergency repairs.


Plant construction

HELB offers a complete engineering service. We are designing, building and managing energy infrastructure. By performing work on numerous power generation, transmission and distribution plants and various industrial plants, HELB contributes to the development of power systems using the equipment of leading world manufacturers (Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, GE, Eaton, Končar, etc.).


Quality engineering solutions for power infrastructure. Check out the video and discover what we're doing!



”HELB is at the very top in Croatian energy”

The head of the Technical Office, Dejan Grdenić, is a big fan of power engineering and project design. Five years ago, he joined HELB, where he started testing the protection relays, configuring relays, preparation of various studies in power engineering, and a bit of project designing. His cheerful spirit, positivity, and sense of humor brighten up every conversation, his knowledge and expertise help with every problem. Despite his busy schedule, he is always ready to help his colleagues and join them in a relaxed conversation over a cup of coffee. More

Plant for high purity propylene production

Works performed according to the highest HSE standards

The project at the Oil Refinery in Rijeka started in February 2019, has just entered its final phase. The new Propane propylene splitter plant allows the Refinery to expand its product range, raising its level of competitiveness. With the newly built plant, the refinery will produce a new valuable product, high purity propylene which is used as a semi-finished product in the petrochemical industry. More