At HO CIRED with the topic of cost rationalization and loss optimization

Sponsor of the 8th Consultation of the Croatian Branch of the International Electricity Distribution Conference

The Eighth Conference of the Croatian Branch of the International Electricity Distribution Conference – HO CIRED was held in Trogir from June 4th to 6th. For the first time, HELB sponsored the consultation and had its own exhibition stand where the new research and development project DINGO was presented. The system for optimizing losses in advanced networks attracted great interest and positive reactions from visitors. Many also stopped at the stand to play the DINGO GO game, which shows in a simple and fun way what the system does and what its biggest advantages are. The event gathered a large number of visitors and provided an opportunity to socialize with partners and experts from the energy industry.

In addition to the exhibition stand, HELB also held two very interesting lectures. First, „Application of the Closed Distribution System model in ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of business systems“, in which the advantage of the CDSO service for entities that install a solar power plant on the roof of their facility and want to sell the produced electricity to users of their rented business premises was very clearly explained, and it enables the rationalization of energy costs. The second lecture was,  „DINGO – Distribution grid optimization pilot project within IRI II KK.“, where the research and development project for optimization of losses in advanced networks was presented.

This year’s HO CIRED was visited by more than 500 professionals and scientists from the power industry, while 109 expert papers were published and the same number of lectures and discussions were held. All the available exhibition space was occupied, and around twenty companies from the energy field presented themselves.

June 20, 2023

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