Augmented reality for monitoring the protection systems in substations

The master thesis that follows the current trends

The master thesis ”Augmented reality application for protection system monitoring” is another step in line with the trends and current changes that the power system is undergoing. The research of Marko Cmuk is aimed to explore the possibilities and potentials of applying advanced methods of visualizing collected measurements and data within substations, using new technologies such as augmented reality (AR).

The research is based on the development of a program for data acquisition from Intelligent Electronic Devices (numerical protection relay) according to IEC 61850, and their visualization with new technologies. Communication between relays and computers is based on the IEC 61850 client/server model, and the collected data is saved in a standardized format and subsequently processed and displayed as an HTML page that can be accessed from any computer, AR smart glasses or standard smartphones. AR smart glasses will become part of the standard equipment of experts in various fields who, when encountering an obstacle in the field, will be able to access all relevant process data within their field of view, which will help them to enable quick troubleshooting.

As a reminder, Marko came to HELB as a student, where he did basic research for his master’s work, and he just received the title of Master of Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. When asked why he had just chosen HELB for his practice, Marko replies: “The benefits of working at HELB are numerous, from a relaxed and friendly work atmosphere to the possibility of furthering professional knowledge. I learned many new things at HELB, expanded my perspectives, experienced many beautiful moments and prepared myself to work in a professional environment.”

August 26, 2019

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