In the leading international journal Thermal Science

The professional paper of HELB’s engineer, Head of Energy Efficiency and occupational safety expert, Slavica Bardić, will be published in the leading professional journal ” Energy (M51) ” and also in a specialized issue of the renowned international journal ” Thermal Science ”.

Slavica’s work on a very topical topic: “Energy Efficiency – Energy Poverty” will be presented at the 35th International Energy Conference 2020, which will be held in Zlatibor, March 24-27.

Poverty is one of the key problems of today, and one of its forms is energy poverty. It represents the inability of households or individuals to afford to use energy for basic necessities of life, such as heating, cooling, cooking, washing and lighting. Energy poor people are those who live in inadequate conditions or in inefficient housing, use outdated electrical appliances that are not energy efficient, do not have access to some form of energy, and pay a high energy price, with low income.

It is estimated that more than 50 million households in the European Union are energy poor. Addressing energy poverty can bring multiple benefits to governments and society at large: allocating less money for health, reducing environmental pollution, better comfort and well-being, improved household budgets, increased economic activity, and energy independence. The availability of energy enables citizens to fulfill their potential, be healthier and more satisfied and increase social inclusion.

This conference will contribute to increasing awareness about these issues, and beside this topic,  renewable and non-renewable energy sources will be discussed, as well as the electricity grid, energy efficiency, new energy technologies and the like. It is believed that with its expert result, ENERGY 2020 will contribute to the development of the profession in general and of the energy sector in particular and will have a significant and positive impact.

February 28, 2020

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