Energy savings over 50%

80 million euros for the production of electricity from renewable sources in the processing industry and heating

At the time of the energy crisis and large price increases, it is very important to take measures to reduce energy consumption. Accordingly, the reduction of energy consumption leads to a significant reduction of greenhouse gases, thus slowing down climate change, the horrors of which we witness every day. That is why the announcement by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development that it will support entrepreneurs with 80 million euros, financed by the Modernization Fund, is not surprising.

Thanks to HELB’s experts in the field of energy efficiency, the list of plants whose energy savings range from 20 to 50%, and in some cases even above 50%, is expanding. It is about the creation of major projects that include the calculation of energy savings for several clients. The projects were created for the purposes of tenders for the allocation of grants with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources and increasing resource efficiency in manufacturing companies. All projects received a passing grade, and the clients immediately invested the allocated money and their own funds in the realization of the projects. In most cases, the development of projects was preceded by energy audits of large companies organized by HELB.

Some of the reference projects in the last 6 years were certainly the construction of a solar power plant and the replacement of the existing lighting in the material production facility of APPLIED CERAMICS d.o.o. with an energy saving of 24.5%. Then increasing the energy efficiency of ELEKTRO-KONTAKT d.d.27.22%, Aluflexpack Novi d.o.o. – 51.68% and E.G.O. Elektro -komponente d.o.o. – 43.69%, increase in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in the production plant BJELIN OTOK d.o.o. – 22.14% and Chromos paints and varnishes d.d. – 32.25%, and investment in green technologies and processes of the company BJELIN OTOK d.o.o. – 27.27%. The projects included various measures of energy and resource efficiency, from the construction of a solar power plant, replacement of lighting, replacement of production machines, replacement of compressors, purchase of additional machines, intervention in heating, cooling and air conditioning systems to the purchase of modern systems for measuring energy consumption.

February 7, 2023

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