Great interest in establishing CDSO

Transparency and cost reduction are the main goals of CDS owners

After HELB became the first licensed CDSO in the Republic of Croatia in May, an information campaign was launched during the summer to inform the business community about the new service that is applied in specific business systems, according to the new Electricity Market Act. Feedback from the field shows that the interest is quite high, mostly due to the current, enormous increase in energy costs.

HELB’s service relates to the construction of distributed power generation systems such as photovoltaic power plants, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of existing systems. This achieves a high degree of energy self-sufficiency, which represents a permanent solution to resistance to unfavorable and uncertain energy market trends. How much and how an individual business entity can achieve savings can only be predicted after an in-depth recording with the user himself. The contacted users defined themselves according to several criteria, including at which voltage level the metering point is located (preference is given to customers at medium voltage), what activity the entity performs, what is its financial standing, and whether the user is privately or publicly owned. In choosing between joining the owner or the end user of the service, in this phase of market information, the emphasis is placed on the owners of business systems, considering that they are the decision makers on the choice of the CDSO service provider.

As far as business activities are concerned, the market sample covered wide variety of industries, airports and seaports, business and shopping centers, and banks and insurance companies. All units accept the introduction of a closed distribution system, expecting a positive shift in terms of transparency and cost reduction as well as ensuring energy self-sufficiency. We remind you that the establishment of CDS has multiple benefits for the owners the revenue from the concession of CDSO, the delegation of responsibility for the functioning of CDS, and the focus on the core activity of safety and reliability of electricity supply. On the other hand, users are enabled to transparently use the electricity supply service, achieve savings in consumption and manage their own electricity production, which is becoming more and more important every day.

September 7, 2022

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The acquisition of new equipment improved production efficiency

Modernization improved the production process for serial production.

For over 30 years, HELB has been manufacturing control and distribution devices in the field of electrical power engineering. Until now, production primarily consisted of tailor-made products. Thanks to this project, the production facility has been enriched with new valuable equipment, further improving serial production.