Sponsor of the 15th Symposium on EES management

In Cavtat, from the 6th to the 9th of November, the Croatian branch of the International Council for Large Power Systems – HRO CIGRÉ held the 15th Symposium on Power System Management.

HELB sponsored the symposium, and at the same time had its exhibition space, where the new development project DINGO was presented. The system for optimizing losses in advanced networks attracted great interest and positive reactions from visitors. Many stopped at the stand to play a fun touchscreen game and also exchanged experiences from the past year in pleasant conversation, The event gathered a large number of visitors, and this was a great opportunity to socialize with partners and experts from the energy industry.

This year’s Hro Cigre was visited by more than 800 professionals and scientists from the power industry, while 95 expert reports were published. The main themes of the symposium were the Green Energy Transition in the power system and Intensifying the power system digitalization, while the lectures tried to answer the questions of the causes of the sudden and very intense price increase of all energy products, what are the consequences for the economy and the implementation of the Green transitions and the FIT for 55 concept, and what can and should be done to prevent such events from happening again? What is particularly interesting is the impact of these phenomena, as well as the implementation of the Green transitions to the resilience and flexibility of the power system. Other important themes include questions like, are the technologies of renewable energy sources sufficient, does the energy future belong to RES, or do other available low-carbon technologies, such as nuclear technology, need to be adopted and how will this affect the overall cost, security, and reliability of the power system?

The national branch of HRO CIGRÉ has been operating in Croatia since 1992. It organizes conferences every odd year, and symposiums every even year.

November 23, 2022

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