HELB presentations on HO CIRED 2023

In the first presentation, “Application of the Closed Distribution System model in ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of business systems”, the advantage of HELB’s CDSO service for entities that install a solar power plant on the roof of their facility and want to sell the produced electricity to users of their rented business premises was very clearly explained. This creates a platform for transparent energy exchange and enables the rationalization of energy costs.

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In the second presentation, ’’DINGO – Distribution grid optimization pilot project within IRI II KK.″, the results of the research and development project, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development called System for optimization of losses in advanced networks, are described. The project’s main goal is to develop a system for continuous analysis of technical parameters of the distribution network, which would use machine learning to estimate and predict technical and non-technical losses. The project included pilot locations in DP Elektrodalmacija Split and DP Vinkovci, where measuring and monitoring devices were installed at a total of 21 transformer stations. Integrated geospatial data, as well as pseudonymized data from accounting measurement sites, were also processed. The DINGO platform has been developed to track measurements and algorithm results through several different review tools. It is possible to monitor measurements from transformer stations in almost real-time, graphically view historical measurements or monitor losses and results of power flow calculations on geographic bases.

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July 5, 2023

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Year in Review: What will we remember about 2023?

In the past year, HELB has achieved significant progress through numerous projects, both in the field and in the production facility. This dynamic period was marked by the creation of new references worldwide, the development of innovative platforms, the signing of key contracts, participation in prestigious fairs and conferences, and new workplaces creation. Through new projects, market expansion, established collaborations and investments in technological advancement, HELB continued to build reputation in electrical power engineering.

For a deeper insight into everything that marked HELB’s business during the past 12 months, we invite you to read the detailed overview of activities in 2023, which you can find here.