Increasingly complex projects at higher voltage levels

For the fifth time, HELB was the sponsor of the HRO CIGRÉ Conference symposium and showcased its developmental journey.

In the period from November 5 to 8, Šibenik hosted the 16th HRO CIGRÉ Conference, which brought together more than 1100 experts of power engineering. Also, numerous papers and professional literature were presented.

For the fifth time, HELB was the sponsor of the conference and presented its historical path and progress. Namely, HELB started working at low voltage in 1990 and over the years began to take on more complex projects in terms of electric power and to record references at increasingly higher voltage levels, from medium to high voltage. Today, it is a company that has become synonymous with expertise in working on power facilities of all voltage levels up to 400kV. Because of that, it is not surprising that we are expanding our activities to the foreign market, where, for example, we are already waiting for the start of a 380kV transformer station construction in 2024. HRO CIGRÉ attendees had the opportunity to participate in a knowledge quiz at the HELB stand, generating significant interest and providing enjoyment and relaxation for many.

Over the three days of the conference, discussions covered not only new technologies, the green transition, and a decarbonized future but also socially significant topics such as the role of women in the power industry. Emphasis was placed on the imperative to construct an electric power system facilitating a swift transition to renewable energy sources, as well as encouraging investments and education of future experts in the field.

Once again, the HRO CIGRÉ conference was a place for useful conversations, laughter and the exchange of business experiences and advices. Also, HELB once again supported this initiative that builds bridges between experts in the power industry, creating a platform for cooperation and innovations.

November 16, 2023

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