Is there a connection between energy and cosmetics?

Three substations in Germany with a leading cosmetic product manufacturer

After a successful project at the Kraftwerk Zolling thermal power plant, Schalttechnik Nord and HELB continue their cooperation in Germany. It is the GEKA factory, the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and precise solutions for cosmetic products, such as mascara, lip gloss, concealers, brushes and applicators.

The first phase of the project, which was extensive and very demanding, has been completed, while the start of the second is expected at the end of July. For the first month, there was the preparation, laying of cables, and cabling, as well as three substations, were completed. Unexpectedly, there was a change in the MV plant in two substations, so everything had to be finished in one weekend. Prepare two substations, cable head terminations, perform testing and commissioning and supply LV plants, which HELB’s team successfully completed within the deadline. In addition to electrical installation work and testing, HELB also delivered compensation cabinets and a low-voltage plant. The first phase of the project lasted a month and a half, and around 20 HELB employees participated.

GEKA is a company with a long tradition and strong heritage dating back to 1925 with almost 1000 employees and a global presence. It designs, develops, and procures a wide range of products, from cosmetic products, beauty tools to complete packaging systems that are ready for sale.

July 21, 2021

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