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Closed Distribution System Operator (CDSO)

HELB became a Closed Distribution System Operator. All the needed information are in the presentation, such as who the CDSO is, who the are the participants of CDS, the main goals, the process of  the system establishment, legislation, benefits, etc.


Basic information about the Closed Distribution System – what it is, who should establish it, why, and what are its benefits.

2021 Year in review

Find out more about our activities and projects in 2021!

CDSO License

By obtaining a license to perform energy activities, HELB became the first licensed Closed distribution system operator in Croatia.

Year in review 2022

Find out more about our activities and projects in 2022!

Presentation DINGO on HO CIRED 2023

In the  presentation, ’’DINGO – Distribution grid optimization pilot project within IRI II KK.″, the results of the research and development project, co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development called System for optimization of losses in advanced networks, are described.

Presentation CDSO on HO CIRED 2023

The presentation “Application of the Closed Distribution System model in ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of business systems”, explains the advantage of HELB’s CDSO service for entities that install a solar power plant on the roof of their facility and want to sell the produced electricity to users of their rented business premises.