Plant for high purity propylene production

Works performed according to the highest HSE standards

The project at the Oil Refinery in Rijeka started in February 2019, has just entered its final phase. The new Propane propylene splitter plant allows the Refinery to expand its product range, raising its level of competitiveness. With the newly built plant, the refinery will produce a new valuable product, high purity propylene which is used as a semi-finished product in the petrochemical industry. This extensive undertaking presented the challenge of coordinating electrical work with other professions involved in the process, such as construction, mechanical engineering etc. The client is IVICOM Consulting LTD, and the greatest emphasis was placed on the safety of people, therefore the work was performed according to the highest HSE standards.

HELB’s job description includes the reconstruction of transformer substations 312 and 306, the construction of new substations 391 and 207, the construction of electrical installations for process spaces, testing, and participation in commissioning. At substation 312, the reconstruction included three 6.3 kV cells where all the primary and secondary equipment was replaced, protection relays were parameterized, and testing and participation in commissioning were performed. Substation 391 is equipped with an energy transformer, a main low-voltage distribution line, an MCC, and a frequency converter to drive a high-power compressor. Motor protections were parameterized, testing and participation in commissioning were performed. On substation 207, the largest power facility built as part of the construction of the Propane propylene splitter plant, a medium voltage plant was installed, together with a power transformer, LV distribution cabinets, and testing was performed as well. Also, electrical installations have been made, such as cable routes, electric motor drives, lighting, and power supply for various process devices.

Throughout the project, over two years, a minimum of five HELB experts were hired, while more than 40 employees were working there during intensive phases on the construction site.

February 11, 2021

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