Year: 2018. Client: Siemens Ltd Location: Bjelovar, Croatia

Project name: GTE Velika Ciglena Project description:

The supply of equipment and electromechanical works in transformer station of GTE Velika Ciglena

In Velika Ciglena near Bjelovar, the first geothermal power plant in Croatia, ‘Velika 1’, was completed, with the gross power of 16.5 MW, the largest geothermal power plant with binary (ORC) technology in continental Europe. HELB contracted a segment of electrical works involving the supply of equipment/materials and electrical assembly works as well as providing services of construction site manager for electromechanical works. The technical complexity of the project required the forming of a multidisciplinary team, from the project leader, designers who further developed project documentation, a team that made LV cabinets in the HELB production facility to the head of the electromechanical works at the construction site. The scope of HELB’s electromechanical works included the fabrication of MV 35kV and 11kV grids, the installation of MV circuit blocks with block transformer, the manufacture and installation of LV cabinets, the installation of other MV and LV equipment delivered by generator supplier as well as other equipment related to the technological process. Before commissioning, required tests and protection settings are performed by experienced HELB engineers.