Year: 2020. Client: ING-GRAD LTD. Location: Croatia

Project name: Wind farm Korlat Project description:

Electrical installation works, testing and commissioning

Over the past two years, HELB has been working at one of the largest wind farms in Croatia, which is located near Benkovac, about 40 kilometers from Zadar, with capacity of 58 MW. It is expected to produce about 170 GWh per year which is enough to supply more than 50,000 households. The scope of HELB’s work included all electrical installation works on the 33/110 kV Korlat TS and the internal energy and communication network, testing, parameterization, and commissioning of the Korlat TS and the internal cable network of the Korlat Energy Park. The project started in April 2019 and ended by the end of 2020. About 20 HELB members were hired, including fitters, leading hands, relay protection testing engineers and commissioning engineers.