The acquisition of new equipment improved production efficiency

Modernization improved the production process for serial production.

For over 30 years, HELB has been manufacturing control and distribution devices in the field of electrical power engineering. Until now, production primarily consisted of tailor-made products. Thanks to this project, the production facility has been enriched with new valuable equipment, further improving serial production.

Specifically, modern equipment for processing conductors and copper has been procured and successfully integrated into the existing production processes. Now, in the conductor processing centre, in addition to printers for labelling electrical components, conductors, and cables, there is also a set of devices designed for machine cutting and preparing conductors for installation, as well as a set of electrical tools for assembly, which allows for quick and easy switching between interchangeable heads used for cutting, connecting, and punching. It is considered one of the most versatile electrical tools, equipped with an innovative 3-in-1 QuickChange System. These tools are of high quality and durability, designed for professional use, increasing productivity and efficiency in production. Furthermore, a laser machine for marking and engraving has been installed, significantly speeding up the creation of numerous labels in cabinets. Additionally, for a set of next-generation devices intended for the copper busbars machining, which are installed in control and distribution devices, so-called “punches/stamps” for punching square holes in copper busbars within the control and distribution cabinet have been procured.

The procurement of new equipment aims to shorten processing times and improve production efficiency, ensuring high precision and minimizing errors. It also maintains high quality and ensures compliance with all applicable norms and standards.

“We have become even more competitive. For serial production needs, when documentation is well developed, we can now complete cabinets in a relatively short time”, explains project manager Ivan Zrinščak, highlighting that HELB is one of the few companies in Croatia that can boast of such equipment.

September 5, 2023

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