“The years at HELB are the most beautiful period of my business life”

Dina Horvat was employed at HELB three years ago, as an expert associate in controlling, in the finance department. Her youthful spirit, readiness for new challenges, and perseverance brought additional refreshment to the finance department. Her communication and social skills, positive attitude and sense of humor are a joy at every morning coffee. At HELB, she found the perfect blend of her two great loves: finance and psychology.

What does your job at HELB include and what does your average day look like?

My job includes managing payment transactions, communication with financial institutions, customers, and suppliers, processing incoming and outgoing invoices, tracking receivables collection. Digitalization brought improvement, so we switched to sending e-invoices. It’s a big advantage in our business because the process of sending invoices and billing is much faster and we know exactly when the customer received the invoice. I’m in daily communication with colleagues regarding projects, mostly with the sales department about orders and contracts, and with project managers about outgoing invoices, because the process of project completion ends in finance department. In addition to finance activities, I work as financial support on EU projects.

At the very beginning of the business day, I check the inflow and outflow on the transaction accounts. That’s my priority. Then come the outgoing invoices, they are at top of the priorities list because they bring income to the company. I check all the elements before sending the invoice, and then I deal with the current affairs. Since our entire department is in the same office, we communicate every day and work great as a team.

How long have you been at HELB and did you work in finance right away?

I’ve been with HELB for three years and I’ve immediately started working in the finance department. Although I have worked in other jobs before, after finishing my studies in finance at the Business School, this is my first job in that profession and I am extremely happy.

What are your favorite things about HELB?

I like the family atmosphere and friendly environment. And also, that my day begins the same as at home, we drink our first coffee together and start working. I love this job because I face new challenges every day. For some, finances are a pile of paper, and for me, it is a big challenge, because every project is a story in itself. That drives me and I can honestly say, that the past three years have been the most beautiful period in my business life. At HELB, I see opportunities to acquire new knowledge, personal development, and professional education. For each of the activities within finance that I did, I had the opportunity for professional education and the opportunity to combine theory and practice. My experience shows that interpersonal relationships are an important factor. I have not yet met anyone here who wasn’t willing to help me, on the contrary. Everyone is always open to cooperation, and that is very important to me. What also helped me a lot, is that I had  great mentors who introduced me to the business. I learned a lot from them, not only about work but also about business communication, I try to look at obstacles and challenges from several angles and find the best solution.

And free time?

In my free time, I do brisk walking. I sit at work most of the time, and it is very important for me to move as much as possible. I really love nature, greenery, water, it relaxes and calms me. I also love psychology, it always interested me, and recently I’ve found time for education in that field. When I started studying this topic, early and personal development, creating patterns of behavior, it all intrigued me a lot. Learning about boundaries, my own and those of others helps me a lot in my work and relationships with people. And if I could learn how to set boundaries for my child, where would my end be 😊.

March 23, 2021

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