Stay involved and keep a distance

The whole world has found itself in a truly challenging situation in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. HELB responded quickly to new circumstances, considering, first and foremost, the protection and health of its employees, partners, and associates.

And to further emphasize the importance of the recommendations of the Civil Protection Staff and to encourage its employees and partners to comply, HELB even redesigned its logo, emphasizing the importance of keeping the distance.

Immediately after the first increase in the number of infected people, HELB organized a team to coordinate prevention activities, implement measures following the instructions of the competent authorities, to prevent the spread of coronary virus infection, as well as to daily inform employees about the current situation in the country and within the organization itself. All the employees (whose duties allow that) have been working from home for a past month using the benefits of digital technology. The production department is strictly following all the measures of the Civil Protection Staff on hygiene and distance from physical contact, and fieldwork is redistributed and reorganized. For better functioning in the new situation, several working instructions were communicated such as emergency work, fieldwork, use of company vehicles, protective masks, gloves, organization of meetings, contagion procedures, working from home, working in shifts, guidelines for using online communication platforms, etc.

At HELB, this time is used for education, growth, and development of each individual and the company itself, and to foster values ​​such as community, collaboration, appreciation and all those values ​​that have been cherished by its employees for the past 30 years.

Also, with this small act of changing the logo, it invites for ever more dedicated adherence to safeguards to preserve the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.

Keep a distance and, if possible, stay home.

April 17, 2020

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