Women who marked HELB’s history

The story of four strong and successful women

Encouraged by incredible stories about strong women who changed the world‘s history, on the occasion of International Women’s Day we bring you a story about women who marked HELB’s history. They successfully overcame obstacles, achieved business success, managed sales, finance, health and safety, energy efficiency, human resources, and procurement, and were always the best support to HELB’s team in the field.

Štefanija was the first woman in HELB, which she joined in 1996. She worked as a project manager, then in sales department, and today she enjoys her retirement. With joy and pride she points out that HELB has progressed since its beginnings, remembering the first certificates, official mobile phones, recording offers on floppy disks while today HELB operates in its own office building. As a great value of HELB, she emphasizes the care for employees, investment in their education, and thoughtful development without megalomaniac appetites. Štefanija is always very welcomed guest in HELB, with her cheerful spirit, warmth (and delicious muffins), she cheers up everyone in her environment.

Željka is chronologically the 12th employee of HELB, where she was employed in 1997. She worked as a secretary, managed human resources, did her share of fieldwork, and today successfully rules the world of finance. As the greatest values of HELB, she emphasizes the family atmosphere, friendly attitude towards employees and respect for their families. To Željka, it is never difficult to do anything for HELB, she does not stay aside and is always in the focus of events. She is cheerful, communicative, open and, in every moment and situation, ready to help. She has a special ability to be in the right place at the right time and is always a person of trust for all HELB members.

Slavica joined HELB in 2004 as the first engineer in HELB’s team. During her first fieldwork, as a support to the testing engineers, she discovered the magic of the hands-on approach to electrical engineering, which was then followed by work on substations and ground resistance measuring. Today, she is an Energy Efficiency Project Manager and an OHS expert. The greatest value of HELB, in her own words, is the respect for other people‘s opinions, the support of the management, and a lot of humanity at all levels. We laugh a lot every day, laughter is almost unavoidable in HELB. Her great knowledge and professionalism are complemented by directness, warmth and heartiness. She is always ready to cooperate. It is never a problem for her to jump in and help her colleagues, especially to educate the younger generations. She is full of ideas, desires to learn and to expand her knowledge, and truly loves her job.

Dragica joined HELB in 2004, where she started working in finance, then in sales, and finally in the procurement department, where she works today. As HELB values, she sees ​​interpersonal relationships, quality individuals, openness in communication, changing ideas and accepting them, innovation, education, the possibility of advancement, and the company is always there, ready to help each individual when it is needed. Dragica is an extremely cheerful and creative person, she is meticulous and up-to-date, collegial, and friendly. She is very patient, an excellent mentor to all new colleagues because it is not a problem for her to repeat several times for better understanding. Her infectious laughter often echoes through the hallways of HELB.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year, since before the First World War, as an initiative in the fight for equality, the right to vote, and the emancipation of women. The idea to mark International Women’s Day emerged in the early 20th century at a time of industrialization and economic expansion. On March 8, 1857, a women’s protest was launched in New York, prompted by poor working conditions and low wages. The March 8 protests continued in the following years, the most famous being the one in 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York seeking the right to vote, shorter working hours, and better wages.

March 12, 2021

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