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Awarded employees with the best knowledge in Health and Safety at work

On the occasion of World Day for Health and Safety at Work, HELB held a competition among its employees, which lasted from March 20th till April 20th. The main goal of this competition was to raise safety at work to a higher level and improve business results. We marked this special day by rewarding employees who, through their work and behavior, promote work safety, prevent accidents, and thus become a role model for everyone else.

The awarded employees are:

  • Best knowledge of Health and Safety in production (most points in the quiz) – JOSIP JUPEK
  • Best knowledge of Health and Safety in office (most points in the quiz) – MIRELA JERGOVIĆ
  • The safest field worker (most votes of headmen) – FRANJO FRLJAK
  • The safest headman (most votes of field workers) – TONČI ŠIŠKO

“I congratulate all the awarded employees and advise everyone to pay attention to safety at work because that way we’ll all stay healthy, and thus we will achieve a competitive advantage and improve business results. Due to the impossibility of organizing the award ceremony for epidemiological reasons, employees working in the field can pick up their awards when they return to the office,” said Stjepan Horvat, CEO of HELB.

Employees were able to compete in several categories, including two quizzes on Health and Safety in offices and in the field, where they had to have enviable knowledge of the facts and laws on Health and Safety at work, while the other two categories had to win the most votes from colleagues.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) declared April 28th the World Day for Health and Safety at Work. This day is celebrated in 120 countries around the world as a day of remembrance for all workers who died in accidents at work or died due to occupational diseases. It is estimated that about 260 million injuries occur at work each year, about 2 million workers die at work, and there are a large number of cases of occupational diseases. Therefore, the International Labor Organization aims to reduce the number of deaths caused at work every year, and the celebration of this day seeks to raise awareness of the need to implement health and safety at work.

May 4, 2021

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