2020 – Most challenging year

The whole world found itself in a challenging situation last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, last year was a year of cooperation and togetherness at all levels and showed the value of those services that we take for granted.

Those where reliability is due to the people: field workers, fitters, and engineers, as well as all those who give them support. In this challenging year, HELB has successfully completed some major projects, signed contracts for new ones, participated in online expos for the first time, held and participated in education trainings, worked on EU projects, and created new workplaces. A more detailed insight into the activities and achievements of HELB in 2020, you can read here.

January 26, 2021

Latest news

Increasing the security and reliability of the transmission network

Project with HOPS in the transmission area of Rijeka

Another large project with the Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd (HOPS) is in its final phase, and the project started in 2019 in the transmission area of Rijeka. HELB is the main contractor for the replacement of CBE 110 kV type disconnectors in plants at the transmission area of Rijeka. More

“I love it here in HELB, everything is just as it should be”

We were lucky to catch this busy guy for half an hour to tell us his story. Blaž Dobrotić is an electrical fitter, who came to HELB as a schoolboy, and his love for work and a great relationship with colleagues have kept him here for ten years. Colleagues describe him as a capable, self-confident guy who is very meticulous in his work, and outside of it he is fun, comical, and not at all boring. They are very happy when they have the opportunity to work with him.