PROJECT NAME: Production of control cabinets for power transformers, installation and supervision of installation of power transformers

Client: Manufacturer of power transformers

Contractor: HELB d.o.o.

Year of implementation: 2019

Location: 4 continents

The activity of power transformer factories includes the sale, development, design, production, testing and servicing of power transformers. Customer expectations from this industry dictate consistently high-quality products, which should guarantee an economical, reliable and long service life. In ensuring the satisfaction of the end customer, HELB participated in an important phase of the entire process, the installation of the power transformer in the field. Thus, HELB has been a reliable partner for the installation of power transformers for almost 15 years, but it is also a manufacturer of control cabinets for the same. Since 4 years ago, the cooperation has been extended to the area of ​​supervision over the installation, testing and commissioning of power transformers. This work has been done in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America: from Algeria, the Czech Republic, Dubai, the Philippines, Qatar, Egypt, Kosovo, Kuwait, Poland, Oman, Spain to Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru.

Experience in the design and installation of power facilities in the synergy with the production of control cabinets

Manufacturers of power transformers rely on HELB in the production of all types of control cabinets and this cooperation continues as long as they know that they will get a component for their transformer that is designed, manufactured, tested and fully functional, according to the highest and latest European and world standards.

HELB is certified according to the applicable ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. This is also a relief for the customer quality control department as it can focus more on other important parts and internal processes of its production.

The power transformer control cabinet is a product of such importance that any internal fault is unacceptable. Its production cost is too low to justify the cost of travel to the site of installation of the power transformer and repair of potential failures, so much attention is paid to both production and quality control of the manufactured cabinet.

Željko Cesar, electrical engineer, assistant director and board member, HELB d.o.o.

“HELB’s transformer control cabinets are part of a much wider portfolio of cabinets, providing extended functionality through an optimized, reliable and robust design. Based on experience and reviews of past designs, we are able to optimize cabinet design and standardize solutions so that in the end there are five to ten different types of cabinets left. In this way, we increase the number of cabinets produced for each type, increasing the level of standardization and reducing production costs. By cooperating with our clients, we are able to offer better and cheaper solutions, tailored to their needs. When they work with us, we react immediately and help them prevent unwanted problems in the future. “

August 18, 2020

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