Project name: Energy audit of a large company and certification of production and administrative buildings

Client: Bjelin Otok d.o.o.

Contractor: HELB d.o.o.

Year of implementation: 2020

Location: Otok, Vinkovci, Croatia

In a recently completed project, HELB once again proved to be one of the leading companies in the field of energy efficiency – this time in the energy audit of a large company. For the branch of the renowned Swedish Pervanovo group, Bjelin Otok Ltd, HELB experts carefully analyzed the energy situation and gave recommendations for energy savings. The company is one of the largest European manufacturers. It designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of products from traditional wooden floors to innovative floors made of new materials. Today it has about 800 employees, and production takes place in its state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and northern Croatia. The raw oak material comes from the famous Slavonian forests.

There are no copy-paste solutions – every customer here is unique

In the project for the company Bjelin Otok, HELB experts were in charge of project management, preparation of a report on the energy audit of a large company in the electrical part, coordination with associates in charge of the mechanical and construction part, completion of a complete report and issuance of energy certificate for production – administrative building.

Although energy audits follow the framework of tasks by professional bodies of the Republic of Croatia, each job of this type is completely different from any previously performed, but also because of the specific activities performed by their client, in this case, the wood processing industry. The goal of the energy audit of a large company provides energy analysis and recommendations for energy savings, and HELB has achieved this in a variety of industries: from banking, air transport, to the production of transformers, paints and varnishes, packaging foils, or electricity production. Therefore, such projects require learning about business conditions and technological processes within companies that adapt to the specific needs and goals of each company separately.

Four experts participated in this project, and it lasted a little less than a month. Despite the short deadlines, everything was done with dedication and professionalism, as evidenced by satisfied partners who want to continue cooperation, as well as the new inquiries received.

Stjepan Vojinić, Member of the Management Board, BJELIN OTOK d.o.o.

,,We are extremely satisfied with the professionalism in business, and the quality of contracted services with the company HELB d.o.o. which prepared a report on the conducted energy audit for a large company, as well as the report and certificate on the energy audit of buildings. Following the large volume of work, the short-term delivery time of these services, we warmly recommend cooperation with this company in terms of professional excellence.”

October 13, 2020

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