Over 100 facilities in 6 months

Project name: Energy audit of over 100 Croatian Air Traffic Control facilities

Client: Croatian Air Traffic Control Ltd.

Contractor: HELB d.o.o.

Year of implementation: 2020

Location: 90 locations throughout Croatia

HELB has successfully completed the project of energy audit of a large company for Croatian Air Traffic Control at over 100 facilities that Croatian Air Traffic Control uses for its activities throughout Croatia. HELB was the main contractor for the project, which lasted six months, and four other companies participated, with a total of six engineers from various professions.

The energy audit included an overview of each location in the construction, mechanical and electrical part, analysis and modeling of consumption of all forms of energy, and proposing measures to increase energy efficiency. As a part of the review, energy certification of 11 buildings with complex technical systems was performed in line with proposed deadlines, although the Contract was executed during epidemic restrictions and measures related to the COVID-19 disease. The project has been taking place in phases since the spring of last year, at Croatian Air Traffic Control’s facilities located in attractive locations such as the mountains and the Adriatic islands. Our experts visited 90 locations including Mali Lošinj, Koločep, Promina, Psunj, Cres, Čiovo, Osijek, Kavran in Istria, etc. As a leading member of the group of bidders, HELB was responsible for the execution of the entire contract and conducting energy audits in the electrical part.

Strong and rich cooperation achieved through joint planning

The project was developed through the strong and rich cooperation of the group of bidders and representatives of the client responsible for the Contract. Since the activity of Croatian Air Traffic Control is specific and unique in the Republic of Croatia, during the energy audit HELB experts met with new equipment and devices, and gathered information about their mode of operation, role in the provision of air navigation services and they learned “in progress”. There was excellent cooperation, where the implementation plans were jointly developed, and the client provided access to all facilities, projects, and the necessary information.

Slavica Bardić, Energy Efficiency Project Manager, HELB Ltd.

,,Extremely interesting project from the technical point of view, where we had the opportunity to get acquainted with rare work technology and new equipment. Great mutual trust and friendship were achieved between all participants in the project, and in addition we enjoyed the natural beauties of Croatia, its cultural treasures, and regional gastronomic specialties.”

April 8, 2021

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