A challenging project with Chinese giant

Project name: Bulk cargo terminal in Ploče Harbour

Investor: LUKA PLOČE d.d.

The main contractor: CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. of China

HELB d.o.o.

The year of completion: 2018.

Location: Ploče, Croatia

In April 2018, HELB began work on a project at the new bulk cargo terminal in Ploče Harbour. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas of HELB’s employees with designers and project engineers from Ivicom Consulting and Iskraemeco, many challenges have been successfully dealt with during the execution of works.

Extensive works on a new terminal

The scope of HELB’s work included the installation, testing and commissioning of conveyor systems and transloading stations at the new bulk cargo terminal in the south of the Adriatic. This facility allows unloading and transfer of metallurgical coal and iron ore from the ship to the storage space and transport to the station for loading the materials into railway wagons. The capacity of material unloading from ships is 2000 t / h, and the maximum capacity of boarding in railway wagons is 2000 t / h for coal and 2400 t / h for iron ore.

Specific challenges have emerged during the project. Namely, the load carrying strips required work at heights, where the cables about one hundred meters long had to be layed at the height of 3 to 4 meters, and cable trays often required demanding transitions. However, HELB has been successful in this, confirming once again its potential.

CNBM among the top 500

It’s interesting that the main contractor, Chinese CNBM International Engineering, is listed among the 500 largest companies in the world, which gives the project an additional value. Over the last ten years, HELB has performed many substation and switchboard reconstructions within Ploče Harbour projects in cooperation with partner contractors.

Maja Lotrič, Chief Technical Officer, ISKRAEMECO d.d.

“A professional team that finalized the project according to all the prescribed technical and safety standards. As part of the specific works at heights and the demanding transitions of the conveyor belt system, the employees have shown a high level of expertise and quality. Commitment to engagement, flexibility and focus on our demands has resulted in the provision of comprehensive solutions in co-operation with other partners involved. “

August 26, 2019

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