In extreme conditions works are completed before the deadline

Project name: CROSCO UKRAINE (Winterization of drilling rig E401)

Investor: Crosco

The main contractor: HELB

Year of completion: 2018.

Location: Ukraine, near Harkiv

The project of winterization of the drilling rig E401 near Harkiv in Ukraine is the highlight of HELB’s long-term cooperation with Crosco. Extreme working conditions, low temperatures, wind and rain were aggravating circumstances, but all obstacles were dealt with and works were completed before the deadline. Employees showed special expertise and the ability to adapt quickly. An additional challenge was the procurement of specialist equipment which needed to be quickly delivered from different parts of the world. Ultimately it was successfully acquired from renowned world manufacturers.

The project included the design of power and control system for heating and ventilation of complete drilling set. It’s a closed type of space under tents, some of them classified as ex-spaces (endangered by explosive atmospheres).

Complex jobs of winterization

In the area of such a type, pre-ventilation should be insured before heating in order to reduce the possibility of explosive atmospheres. The equipment included oil blowers and electric heaters. During winterization, pipeline’s anti-freezing protection was performed as well. Whole prefabrication was done in HELB’s production facility in Božjakovina. The MCC (Motor Control Center) plant, which controls ventilation and supplies heating system, was manufactured there. The transport to Ukraine was followed by HELB electromechanical works on the site. Mechanical engineering works on the ventilation and heating systems were also performed.

Distribution air channels and heater holders were manufactured on the spot. When the plant was moved to the location, Crosco and its partners have installed the tent. Eight people from HELB participated in winterization, and around fifty Crosco employees worked in the facility at the same time.

Branko Kos, MEE, PMP, Electrical Maintenance Team Leader, CROSCO, Ltd.

“Crosco, petroleum services, Ltd. has been working together with HELB successfully for many years on various projects. During the winterization of the Emsco-401 drilling plant in Ukraine, the contracted equipment was delivered in a timely manner, and all the works were carried out according to the required standards, despite the harsh weather conditions. Despite the relocation of the plant to another drilling site, the works, thanks to the good coordination between Crosco and HELB (which adapted the required number of experts and the dynamics of the work), were carried out without breaks and delays.”

August 26, 2019

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